Woman's real name rejected for being too 'offensive' by website algorithm

Woman's real name rejected for being too 'offensive' by website algorithm

We all go through a phase where we crack up at hilarious names - Hugh Jass, Moe Lester, Seymour Butts, Dick Pound, I.P. Freely. Oh, who am I kidding, we never grow out of this phase! And sometimes you meet people in real life who are cursed with an unfortunate name, that makes it all the funnier.

For example, I remember during high school, there was someone on an opposing basketball team named Gaylord. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Whenever the announcer read his name, people in the crowd cried with laughter. Then, after college, I worked with someone who had the last name Seman. (And it's pronounced exactly like you expect.) It became clear pretty quickly that he had heard all the jokes, many times.

But it turns out having a funny name can be more irritating than you think. One woman tried to sign up for a website, but was rejected, because the algorithm considered it too "offensive." And that name was...Natalie Weiner!

(Hopefully she is of no relation to disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, who got busted sending sexual explicit images of himself to multiple women, plus 15-year-old girl. In his case, his name turned out to be prophetic.)

Anyway, Natalie Weiner found the situation hilarious, and shared a screenshot on social media. Her tweet went viral, getting over 60,000 likes. And even better, she met other people with 'offensive names,' who had experienced similar situations.

I think we can all agree: Weiners have it hard.

This guy is mad enough to explode.

It can even affect your health.

This guy's fine, as long as he doesn't go to England.

Take pride in your offensive last names!

I always they should have bleeped Dick Van Dyke on TV.

Everybody needs Ho's.

And after school, it's the perfect jersey to wear to a Gay Pride Parade. Or to church!

It's also tough when your name is a letter away from being offensive.

But Philip found a way to deal with it.

This seems like a joke, but I'll accept it.

I doubt Cox is as hard as Weiner - the popularity of Friends star Courtney Cox has normalized the name a little, right? But if not, who cares? Steve says there are perks.

This one isn't funny on its own, but the quoted conversation is amusing.

And finally, I didn't expect a person named "Nazi" pop up. However, one Twitter user claimed Nazi is short for the Iranian name Nazanin. Another person linked to the Wikipedia page for Georgian American youth chess player Nazí Paikidze. Apparently, in the country of Georgia, Nazí means "gentle," which is hilariously ironic.

Well, for you Weiners, Butts and remember: it gets better. Okay, it might not get better. But at least your life wasn't ruined forever like these guys.