You can now buy a beer belly bum bag just in time for summer

You can now buy a beer belly bum bag just in time for summer

Some good news for anyone whose fashion sense relies heavily on practicality: the bum bag or fanny pack - whatever you want to call it - has made an unmistakable comeback in the last couple of years.

Yep, it's official, the bum bag is no longer the laughing stock of the fashion industry - but it's still a rare enough sighting that wearing one will certainly get you brownie points among those who pride themselves in not conforming to mainstream fashion standards.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time before retailers began capitalising on this re-emerged trend by giving bum bag wearers the opportunity to 'reclaim' the mockery that was once an inevitable consequence of wearing the waist-clad accessory.

And what better way is there to reclaim years of mockery than by merging two formerly taboo trends - the bum bag and the dad bod?

Well, the aptly-named retailer Dadbag has done just that, giving their customers a chance to get their hands on a fanny pack which doubles as a very realistic-looking dad bod belly.

Not only is the item an incredibly bold fashion statement, it's also incredibly practical - and perfect for anyone heading off to a festival this summer.

With plenty of room for all your essential items - including but not limited to a can of beer - the Dadbag really is a must-have accessory this summer.

You can choose from six different Dadbag designs from a range of skin tones and flabby-ness/hairy-ness levels.

This comical accessory was created by London-based art director Albert Pukies, who apparently came up with the idea in the lead up to Father’s Day.

"I thought that it could be funny to feel like a dad instantly with a strap-on belly," he explained in an interview with Loney Planet. "I obviously missed Father’s Day but I’m glad that it still worked."