You can now get your friend's face printed on a flip flop just in time for summer

You can now get your friend's face printed on a flip flop just in time for summer

It's coming up to summertime, which means that the temperatures will soon be soaring, and we'll all be planning trips to the beach. Of course, when things get hot you don't want to be wearing shoes and socks, which means that flip-flops and sandals are the far comfier alternative all-round. However, if you want to really embody friendship goals this summer, then take a gander at this bizarre new footwear, which will definitely have you turning heads if you choose to purchase it.

Check out this video of a woman throwing a flip-flop at her daughter: 

Costing £39.99, Firebox is selling new flip-flops called 'Face Flops.' These bespoke sandals have one feature that sets them apart from the rest: namely, you can adorn them with pictures of your friend's face, if you so choose. All you need to do is make a purchase and send in a picture of your pal, and voila! A totally-unique item featuring your friend that you can (literally) walk all over. Brilliant!

The product's official description on Firebox's website states: "Gucci sliders? Pfft. Lame. Face flops are what all the hypebeasts are wearing these days.  Gone are the days of sliders being what a Spanish grandma might wear when pottering around on the patio. If they’ve been seen on Rihanna, they’re sick as far as we’re concerned. But do you know what’s even sicker? Sliders with your face on."

It adds: "Upload a photo of anyone you like and we’ll pop them on the strap of these white sliders. The only rule is one face per pair of shoes. But other than that, go mad. Anyone you want. We won’t stop you unless it’s seriously politically incorrect. Guess that means there’s two rules.  Anyway, everyone will be jealous of your new shoes and you’ll get to slide around in total comfort like some sort of fashionable yogi. Just don’t try to pop the personalised bit off, those little silver bits are NOT poppers. You have been warned. [sic]"

This isn't the first awesome, avant-garde product to come from Firebox lately. They've also invented this brilliant meat tenderiser, which looks exactly like the Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers movies.