You can now turn your backyard into a beach oasis

You can now turn your backyard into a beach oasis

As tempting as a trip to the beach sounds, making your way there can be a bit of a nuisance due to the sheer number of items you have to schlepp with you. Because once you've arrived at your sandy destination, realising you've forgotten your towel, sunscreen, or even your bathing suit, is a hassle like no other.

Beach days are supposed to be leisurely and relaxing, not stressful and draining - which is why, given the choice, most of us would rather have a beach right there in our backyard.

Well, it turns out that having your very own backyard beach is totally feasible - for $20,000, that is.

backyard beach Credit: Zydeco Construction

Zydeco Construction builds swimming pools that resemble beaches. Complete with crystal blue water surrounded by 360 degrees of sand, each pool is customisable, with additional accessories including gazebos, umbrellas, volleyball nets and even outdoor kitchens.

"We believe in the power of great ideas," Zydeco Construction write on their website. "Built on quality service, excellent design and construction with a unique view, we are the people’s choice when it comes to swimming ponds."

backyard beach Zydeco Construction

They continue: "First, set up a free design consultation with one of our expert builders. Let us know the size and layout of your property and what type of water addition you have in mind. Popular additions include gazebos, fountains, fire pits, umbrella chairs, and more. After that, we’ll guide you or your contractor in the process of creating the most wonderful backyard beach for your home."

According to owner Eric White, 33, each "swimming pond" is customised based on the customer's vision and the area in which it is built. It's a "labour of love", he insists, and, as such, cannot be achieved in a day.

But, according to the entrepreneur, his company promises to do "something different" with every pond they create.