Woman stranded in wilderness sets up Tinder account to find man to rescue her

Woman stranded in wilderness sets up Tinder account to find man to rescue her

A woman who got stranded in the wilderness set up a Tinder account to find a man to rescue her.

The very modern fairy tale took place in Norway when professional kitesurfer and self-described adventurer Lonia Haeger and two of her friends got trapped after traveling in remote, snow-covered roads near Nordkapp.

This dog also found himself stranded on top of a mountain: 

Trapped in an impassible road, they needed help and they needed it fast. The emergency services said that they were unable to navigate the impassible conditions, which left the trio in a very precarious position, frightened that their car would slide down the mountain.

That's when Haeger decided to download Tinder to see if there were any men nearby who'd come to their rescue, and incredibly, within minutes, she had a match.

The incident was recounted on Instagram by Kerkamm Campers in a post we have translated from Norwegian to English. They wrote: "Tinder directed our Expedition team! The #kerkammnorway tour experienced a social media wonder tonight. Shortly after the three of the Northern Cape broke up, it caught and rained."

Kerkamm Campers explained that the team struggled to control themselves on the cliffs and steep mountains.

The post continued by explaining that the team, which contained Lonia's Tinder match, tried to enlist the help of the emergency and salvage services, but they were completely unwilling and unable to help. 

A snowy road. Credit: Pexels

The decision to download Tinder was described as a "joke" on Lonia's part, and the post revealed that she searched for matches within 10km to see if there was "a true hero who could liberate the princess from [her] suffering."

Within five minutes of setting up the Tinder account, a man named Stian got in touch, who was part of the Kerhamm team. He was described as a hearty construction worker who was working a few minutes away from Lonia on a construction site.

"He [swung by] on his bulldozer in the middle of the night and freed the crew from [their] miserable situation," the post revealed. 

A bulldozer. Credit: Pexels

"It's [a] really horny age," the post concluded. "Welcome to the social media times. This is social! We are really happy. And many heartfelt thanks to all those who have been so [kind, encouraging and thoughtful]."

Now, if that isn't a love story for the 21st century, I don't know what is. Here's hoping that Stian got a date out of it.