Woman who looks exactly like Donald Trump spotted in Russia the same day he met Putin

Woman who looks exactly like Donald Trump spotted in Russia the same day he met Putin

You know, there's a lot of celebrities out there who have lookalikes. In fact, some people have made a career out of exploiting their own uncanny resemblance to George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or even Elvis Presley. Yes, the celebrity impersonator business is booming, but one person who's sorely missing a decent impersonator is US president, Donald Trump. Yeah, the Republican leader can't stay out of the news for more than a minute these days, and so you'd think that a doppelgänger would have sprung out of the woodwork by now.

If there's one thing that Donald Trump has going for him, it's the fact that he's visually distinctive. Unfortunately for the former Apprentice host, however, this makes him easy for satirists to caricature. With his navy blue suits, orange skin and familiar haircut, The Donald probably has a face more recognisable than anyone else in contemporary times. So where's his double hiding?

Well as it turns out, his double is a actually a she who lives in Russia. She was pictured on a bus in the city of Rostov on Don wearing a straw hat, and to be honest, she does have a very Trumpesque appearance. Not only that, but the picture was discovered on the same day that Trump met with Russian president Vladimir Putin. However, many people have stated that it looks too much like him, citing the possibility that it may have been doctored in some way. For example, Russian social media user Vova Terekhin stated: "This is clearly photoshopped" in response to the snapshot.

However, strangely enough this isn't the first time that someone who looks similar to Trump has been spotted on social media. Back in April, a journalist writing about farming in Spain posted a picture on Instagram of a woman named Dolores Leis, standing in a field with a hoe over her shoulder.

The picture was widely circulated when many people noticed that Leis looked quite similar to Donald Trump. Leis herself seemed bemused by all the furore over her personal appearance; especially since she admitted that she didn't actually own a smartphone herself, and that she was more worried about her potato crops than US foreign policy at the time of her discovery,

Of course, we'll always have Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live as our go-to Trump lookalike, but even though his impression is spot on, (check out his bottom lip if you don't believe me) somehow it's not the same as someone whose genetics have conspired to make them look virtually identical. For his own part, Donald Trump himself has declined to comment on the image of the woman in the bus, which is hardly surprising. He's already proven himself to be more or less invulnerable to criticism or abuse... except when it comes to the subject of his tiny hands that is.