20-year-old Instagram model found dead on billionaire's superyacht was believed to be dealing with a bad breakup

20-year-old Instagram model found dead on billionaire's superyacht was believed to be dealing with a bad breakup

Yesterday, news broke that 20-year-old Instagram model, Sinead McNamara, had died while aboard a superyacht in Greece. The young woman, who was from Australia, was reportedly discovered "twisted in rope" at the rear of the boat last Friday at 1.45 am, with no immediate explanation as to how she had got into the situation.

She was apparently still alive at the time she was found, but unfortunately died while she was being airlifted to hospital.

In the wake of her passing, investigating officers have reviewed photographs and messages on her phone, and it appears that McNamara was going through a rough breakup at the time of her death. Obviously nothing is conclusive yet, but it is believed that these circumstances may have led the young model to take her own life.

The latest reports suggest that McNamara jumped overboard in the early hours of Friday morning mere minutes after a distressed conversation with a security guard who was aboard the vessel.

The coroner has confirmed that the cause of death was hanging, which is consistent with this story, but there is no solid proof that this was deliberate yet. CCTV footage is yet to be reviewed in order to confirm the theory.

One of the crewmembers, who wished to remain anonymous, gave an account of what happened that night:

"The incident happened overnight when we were asleep.

"However, in the morning it was clear something had happened and I asked someone who was delivering supplies to the Mayan Queen what had gone on.

"She had apparently been seen talking to another member of the crew, a security guard, some 15 minutes or so beforehand.

"I see the guard walking around the yacht at night making sure everything is kept secure.

"I don't know if he found the girl and raised the alarm but a captain of another yacht which had been docked on the other side to us went to go and help.

"He was unsure at first of what was going on and whether it was some sort of prank or hijinks but when he got nearer he could see that it was serious."

Tributes to the young woman poured in on social media, with many leaving heartfelt comments on her last Instagram post, which was only posted days before her death, on August 27th.

"Everyone should take a page from Sinead's book - where she was meant to have a holiday in Bali that turned into a year and a half trip sailing across the world," wrote one friend.

"It was only a few days ago you were messaging me forcing me to come camping with you. You're such a gorgeous girl lost way too soon," said another.

Alex Hayes, a YouTuber and friend of McNamara's, also posted a message to his 650,000 followers. "Life is so precious," he wrote. "Gone way too soon. Such a beautiful human being. Will cherish all our memories."

At the time of McNamara's death, her mother and older sister were on a plane to Greece to visit the 20-year-old. They were supposed to be celebrating her sister's birthday.

Our condolences go out to the McNamara family, and our thoughts are with all those who loved and cared for her.