7 Incredible pictures of the amazing women of World War I

7 Incredible pictures of the amazing women of World War I

Sunday the 11th of November was Armistice Day -  a time in which we remember the brave soldiers who lost their lives in conflicts around the world, and who died to provide we lucky few with the freedom we so often take for granted. It's also a time for us to pause and think of the servicemen and servicewomen who are currently in the armed forces; who have dedicated their lives to protecting our borders.

When it comes to remembrance day, World War One is often the focus of our mourning. This conflict came at a crucial turning point in the history of civilisation; rampant imperialism and countless treaties designed to maintain an uneasy peace instead led to a gigantic, sprawling way that swept up every major power. Furthermore, technological developments and trench warfare left generals unprepared for the cost of their campaigns, and millions perished as a result.

However, when we remember the heroes of The Great War, we often neglect to remember all the women who also participated in the war, and who secured victory for the Allies at such great cost. Scroll down to take a look at a few images of the women who took part in that momentous struggle.

1. Target practice in Wakefield, Massachusetts

Target practice in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Credit: Getty

2. Two munitions dispatch riders.

Two munitions dispatch riders. Credit: Getty

3. Women working in a munitions factory

Credit: Getty

4. Women working in the headquarters of the Nurse's Yeomanry corps

Credit: Getty

5. Female pilot Marjorie Stinson

Female pilot Marjorie Stinson. Credit: Getty

6. Nurses of the British Yeomanry Corps

Nurses of the British Yeomanry Corps. Credit: Getty

7. Nurses of the British Yeomanry Corps on horseback

Credit: Getty

This isn't the first time we've taken a look at a female hero who's been often neglected by the history books. Check out this article we penned all about Noor Inayat Khan: Britain's forgotten heroine of World War II.