7-year-old boy has 526 teeth removed from his mouth

7-year-old boy has 526 teeth removed from his mouth

One young boy from India, who has lived the majority of his life with jaw-related pain, has finally figured out why. While the seven-year-old should've only had 32 teeth at his age, he had almost 17 times that amount instead.

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After reportedly complaining for four years about swelling on one side of his jaw, his parents finally took the boy to the doctor. There, they discovered a large growth inside his mouth. After cutting open a three by five centimetre lump, surgeons removed more than 500 hard objects from the inside.

This is what 526 teeth look like right next to each other:

Turns out, the pain the boy had been feeling for over half of his life was due to the 526 teeth of varying sizes growing inside his mouth. Dental surgeon Dr. Senthilnathan told Sky News:

"The tumour is very nicely demarcated from rest of the bone and it's a four-to-five centimetre into three centimetre size in the right side of the lower jaw that is completely removed and taken out. Then the tumour mass was given to the histopathology department, then finally we come to know that there was 526 teeth which were present in the entire sac."

As of now, it's still unclear how or why all these teeth came to be inside the child's jaw. Some doctors said that the lump surfaced from a rare medical condition the boy had.