Activist shares picture of untucked 'bulge' to prove trans women are women

Activist shares picture of untucked 'bulge' to prove trans women are women

A transgender woman has made the brave decision to share a photo of her 'bulge' in order to fight for the right of trans women to be considered women like any other.

Imogen Loxley did so in response to seeing a teenage trans girl being harassed due to the 'untucked' penis seen through her skirt.

According to Loxley, 27, the teenager was being harassed by a group of commuters while she waiting for the bus.

Following the incident, Loxley, a customer services assistant, made the girl's safety a priority - standing by in case of any threats of violence.

But even after the trans teenager - whose name has not been released - got her bus, Loxley knew she had to draw attention to the issue.

So, the next day, the 27-year-old Sydney native posted a photo in which her own 'bulge' can clearly be seen, accompanied by a very lengthy recollection of the bus incident in the caption.

"If the girl sees my photo, I’d like to tell her she is beautiful, she is valid as a woman,"  Loxley says. "She doesn’t need to prove or try to impress anybody else, especially strangers."

"If she feels comfortable and happy with who she is, that’s all the matters. I decided to post a photo with my complete bulge showing to say ‘yes, you see me. I may look like a pretty woman but look, I also have just what this girl has’."

"I’m still trans, I was born male and I transitioned to female," she adds. "I know that a lot of people, friends and family, see me as a woman because I look passable."

"I did notice she was trans, which doesn’t make her any less of a woman because she may not be as passable. I did drag so I was taught how to tuck, there were little pieces with makeup I knew. She may have just started her transition. We’re both trans, we’re both still women. Everyone is different."