Body of missing backpacker Amelia Bambridge found at sea, Cambodian police say

Body of missing backpacker Amelia Bambridge found at sea, Cambodian police say

Authorities have said that the body of Amelia Bambridge, the 21-year-old British backpacker who went missing more than a week go, has been discovered more than 30 miles from where she disappeared.

The Mirror reports that her body was found in the sea near the Thai-Cambodian border, and has now been taken to shore. A post mortem is set to be carried out, local media stated.

On Wednesday, a spokesman from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office responded to criticism from the Bambridge family, saying:

"Amelia's family have our deepest sympathies at this very difficult time."Our staff have been providing in-person assistance to them on Koh Rong island, and maintaining close contact with the Cambodian authorities searching for Amelia."

The BBC previously reported that about 150 volunteers including divers, navy personnel, and visitors assisted the Cambodian police in searches.

Following her disappearance, Amelia's mom Linda Bambridge told The Argus newspaper in Sussex that it was "very out of character" for her daughter to go missing, adding that she was "normally so organized"."There doesn't seem to be any urgency. Her friend is still there as they were due to leave the island today, but she hasn't left because Amelia is missing."

Amelia Bambridge was last seen on the island of Koh Rong on October 23, per the Evening Standard. She was reported missing after staff at Police Beach - a private venue on the island - discovered her rucksack the following morning.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information becomes clear.