Brilliant footage shows police dog learning CPR to save lives

Brilliant footage shows police dog learning CPR to save lives

A recent study showed that people love dogs more than other humans. And really, are you surprised? Dogs are friendly, loyal and play valuable roles in society. They guide the visually impaired, find people stranded in the wilderness and can be trained to detect bombs, drugs, currency, you name it. Dogs are even helping convict criminals in court. And what do cats do? Nothing. Just sleep, puke and act like total jerks. Suck it, cats! Dogs are the best.

Now, just when you thought dogs couldn't get more awesome, they got more awesome. Police officers in Madrid have successfully trained their dog, Poncho, to perform CPR. On Twitter, they shared a video of Poncho demonstrating his skills, while wearing an adorable blue light.

In the footage, an officer lies motionless on the ground. Poncho jumps on the man's chest, rests his head on the man's neck to check the pulse, and then repeats the pattern until the man gets up. Yeah, Poncho's just doing the chest compressions, not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but it's still pretty impressive.

The Policía de Madrid praised the clever canine, writing, "Heroic" performance of our Poncho, who did not hesitate for a moment to "save the life" of the agent, practicing CPR in a masterful way." Then they added a quote from the 19th-century American humorist Josh Billings: "The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than he loves himself." (So true.)

In the comment section, viewers couldn't believe what they saw. One person wrote, "Love this very special fur officer! Amazing that they are capable of learning and using those skills to protect and serve!!" Another commented, "Oh my goodness! Love the way the dog jumped up and down a couple of times, then lays his head at the mouth of the policeman and then starts back up again. God bless that precious dog." A third added, "it kills me that the dog has the blue light on it." (That blue light is pretty dope.)

solemn dog Credit: Getty

I guess we shouldn't be that surprised a dog could learn CPR. A new study shows that dogs understand what we are saying and the feeling behind it. That means when you talk to your pooch, they're taking in some of what you're saying. According to Hungarian researchers, dogs can understand what we say and how we say it because they use the same parts of the brain to recognize spoken language. Pretty cool, right?

Meanwhile, cats continue to be the absolute worst. There's a reason why you never see any videos of cats doing CPR. They don't care about humans. If you had a heart attack, your cat wouldn't jump on your chest to restart your heart. It would watch you die, then eat you. Dogs are man's best friend, and cats are man's worst enemy.