British PM has finally revealed why she's always holding Donald Trump's hand

British PM has finally revealed why she's always holding Donald Trump's hand

Donald Trump's visit to the UK last week prompted many, many questions. Did two senior royals really flat-out refuse to meet him, leaving the Queen to greet him alone? Is Trump potentially the only person who has ever dared kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting for tea? Does anyone in the UK actually like the US President?

Nonetheless, it was UK Prime Minister Theresa May's numerous encounters with Trump that were the talk of the town - and the moments that presented us with the most important questions. One question, in particular, is a query that is pondered by millions every time Donald Trump and Theresa May meet: why do they always hold hands?

The hand-holding first came into play back in 2017 when the two leaders came face-to-face for the first time at the White House in Washington. At the time, the gesture was put down to chivalry by the UK PM, with a Downing Street spokeswoman stating: "If you watch the video, they’re walking along and there is an unseen ramp. He offered his hand, which she took as they stepped down the ramp."

However, when the two grasped hands again when the former businessman travelled over the pond last week, the questions kept on coming. This time, the pair held hands not once, but twice; firstly when they walked up the stairs into Blenheim Palace to share a lavish dinner, and secondly when they made their way downstairs to hold a press conference at Chequers.

"Why does #TheresaMay hold hands with #DonaldTrump? Her majesty #QueenElizabeth didn’t have to. #TrumpUKVsit," asked Twitter user @MzMayRene. She was joined by fellow user @Andrewjwal26 who posted: "Does Mr Trump need Mrs May to help him walk up and down stairs or does Mrs May need Mr Trump to help her. It is not normal for two leaders to constantly hold hands like this. I am sure he would not do it with any other female leader of a country".

But, now finally, Theresa May has provided us with the answer to the question we've all been thinking about. Speaking to the BBC‘s Andrew Marr, the prime minister explained that, in the latest instance, the pair held hands to help the US President up and down a set of stairs. In a TV interview, May stated: "What you notice is that whenever he takes me down a slope or stairs – he did it up the steps at Blenheim Palace – he takes my hand to help in going up the steps."

However, her explanation was not accepted by Marr, who suggested to that the image she presents when holding Trump's hand may be one of submission. The UK PM replied saying "oh Andrew, come on," to which he remarked "It’s the grab," referring to the way the president often instigates the gesture.

He is not the only one who has been left unsatisfied by May's rationale. In fact, many people on social media have suggested that the action may be down to sexism on Trump's part, with users asking if he has ever held hands with male leaders.

In addition, many people have taken the incident to fuel a popular rumour that Trump suffers from bathmophobia, a fear of stairs and dirty handrails (although this term is not officially recognised).

So, what do you think? Is May simply giving 72-year-old Trump a helping hand up the stairs? Are the two physically expressing the "special relationship" that is said to exist between the UK and US? Is it a plain sexist move on Trump's part? Or is the 45th POTUS just terrified of stairs?

To be continued next time the two leaders meet...