Dad brutally pummels teacher who is accused of assaulting his daughter

Dad brutally pummels teacher who is accused of assaulting his daughter

A furious father has been caught on camera battering the teacher accused of sexually abusing his teenage daughter in Argentina.

CCTV captured the dad as he seemingly threw 22 punches in about 15 seconds, before walking away with his 15-year-old daughter.

In the footage, the teacher, identified by the local media as Jorge Cruceno, is seen covering his head for protection during the violent attack. Reports claim that he suffered cuts to his face and forearm.

Cruceno has reportedly been suspended from the Commercial Female School Santa Marta after being accused of repeatedly sexually abusing the teenager.

This is the dramatic moment Cruceno was pummeled by the girl's father: 

The allegations occurred after the young girl's family allegedly found messages from the teacher on her phone and contacted the police.

Her father had been attending a meeting with school officials in San Juan, Argentina, when he savagely attacked the teacher.

In the footage, the dad is seen walking with his child through the school before crossing paths with the educator. Flying into a rage, he pummels the teacher.

He was apparently treated by paramedics before going to the police station to file a complaint against the dad. Investigations into both cases are ongoing.

crime scene tape Credit: Pexels

The case comes as a new report alleges that dozens of young girls were coerced into having sex with their teachers in Senegal secondary schools.

In a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report titled, 'It's Not Normal: Sexual Exploitation, Harassment, and Abuse in Secondary Schools in Senegal,' female students as young 16 years old claim their teachers lured them to have sex in exchange for new clothes, better grades, food and mobile phones.

Some pupils got pregnant by their teachers and had to drop out of school, the advocacy group said.

The report includes specific examples of cases: one girl named Fanta allegedly started having sex with her 30-year-old teacher at the age of 16 and found out she was pregnant a year later.

school bus Credit: Pexels

It is said that, when the girl's father tried to make him accept the pregnancy, the teacher denied he impregnated her.

Fanta, who reportedly lives in the Sédhiou region of southern Senegal, an area with high teen pregnancy rates was forced to leave her education as the pregnancy progressed.

Cruceno is pictured below after the incident:

Credit: CEN

Another story focused on 16-year-old 'Aïssatou' - not her real name - who told the rights group that her teacher lured her to his house and told her he would lower her grades if she refused his sexual advances.

"One day, he asked me to go to his house. When I went to his house, he offered to give me money and resources. And I told him no... He became nasty, (he said) he was not going to give me good grades," she reportedly said.

The ministry of education in Senegal has yet to comment on the allegations.