Dramatic footage shows plane fly between buildings in high-risk stunt

Dramatic footage shows plane fly between buildings in high-risk stunt

At the end of last month, people residing in the skyscrapers of Brisbane were treated to a stunning - and frankly, nerve-wracking - sight, as a plane flew worryingly close to their windows.

The Royal Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster was pulling off the manoeuvre in preparation for an Airshow, rehearsing for Queensland's 21st annual 'Riverfire'. The event, which the Brisbane Times referred to as the area's "largest annual public celebration," the likes of EA-18G Growlers are featured, along with the Roulettes - the RAAF's formation aerobatic display team.

In this case, the aircraft flew upwards at the very last minute to avoid buildings as it approached the centre of the city. According to the Air Force, it was due to drop to an altitude of 100 metres and cruise above the city skyline at 300 km/h.

Videos of the plane spread across social media, with the footage looking pretty terrifying for those not expecting it:

The festival features a huge fireworks display as well as flybys from various aircraft, but this was definitely a notable occasion. Photographer Tim Dwyer spoke to the Brisbane Times about this particular flight:

"I've photographed the choppers, Hornets, Growlers, but this is the first time I've seen the Globemaster so low.

"Last year it was flying quite a bit higher, but the low altitude this year made all the difference for the photos because I was looking directly at it or even down at it."

Regardless of how well trained the crew are, it must have been terrifying for those surprised that day.

In fact, many took to social media to point out that, had their been even a slight error, the consequences could have been catastrophic.