Dramatic police car chase closes Lyon airport after cars race across the runway

Dramatic police car chase closes Lyon airport after cars race across the runway

It's not often that you get to witness a scene from what looks like a real-life action movie. Probably because the situation that kind of scene would entail would be highly dangerous and probably life-threatening. Explosions, gun-fights and car-chases would be pretty horrifying, not exciting or thrilling if you had to witness them for yourself - something that passengers on a commercial flight learned to their peril earlier today. Now the dramatic footage of an incident worthy of the Need for Speed movies has hit social media, where it has quickly managed to go viral.

The video in question comes from a passenger whose plane was stranded on the runway due to the alarming car chase outside Lyon airport in France, which occurred at approximately 11.30pm. local time Police officers can be seen chasing and shooting at a silver/grey Mercedes, which that reportedly been driving for several miles along the wrong lane of an expressway, which has caused a number of violent traffic collisions. The car had smashed through a toll booth before crashing into the runway of the Saint-Exupéry airport outside the city of Lyon.

It can be seen bounding along the embankment in the distance of the shot, picking up a cloud of dust in its wake, before crashing to a halt. Then the driver can be seen exiting the car and attempting to run away on foot before police officers managed to catch and apprehend them. Around 20 police cars, several motorcyclists and a helicopter were involved in the pursuit.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for the Rhône prefecture stated:

"Around 10.30 this morning an individual travelling in the wrong direction on the A43 motorway was pursued by members of the motorway CRS (police) and a helicopter from the National Gendarmerie. Arriving at the Lyon-Bron airport, he forced his way through the security barriers before heading towards the airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry where again, he forced the security barriers with his vehicle."

They added: "Followed by the forces of law and order, he drove into Terminal 1 with his car before getting to the runway, where he was overpowered by those forces and arrested." Meanwhile, Christelle Monteagudo, a local press officer for the French government, stated that the motives of the man responsible for the motorway chaos are currently unknown and that nothing was being ruled out.

As a result of the disruption, more than 50 flights were delayed or diverted to Geneva, Grenoble, Marseille and Nice. Passengers were allegedly sent messages which stated: "Please be advised that there has been a security incident in Lyon airport. Currently, the airport is closed and flights are not departing. Unfortunately, this means that some disruption might happen to your flight today ... We’re sorry to inform you that your flight will be diverting to Geneva, and we plan to continue with your journey by road to Lyon."