Firefighter leaves note saying 'we owe you milk' after saving man's house from bushfires

Firefighter leaves note saying 'we owe you milk' after saving man's house from bushfires

A note left by a firefighter to the man whose house he saved has gone viral on social media this week after he drank the milk in his fridge.

The image of the note was first shared on Facebook by a man named Paul Sefky, returned to his property in Yarranbella on the New South Wales Mid-North Coast on Saturday.

Despite the devastating bushfires in the area, Paul was elated to find that his home was unharmed thanks to the brave efforts of the emergency services.

However, Paul was surprised when he looked inside his house and discovered that the firefighters who had saved it had left a note inside for him to read upon his return. In it, they apologized for drinking some of the milk that was inside his refrigerator and promised to replace it soon.

Taking to Facebook to share an image of the note, Paul captioned his post: "The best note on my kitchen bench since the morning after my wedding." The note read: "It was our pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds. ‘P.S we owe you some milk."

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Paul's posted ended up getting some serious attention on social media, and it has now accrued over 1,500 likes on Facebook and more than 4,400 shares.

Kale Hardie-Porter, one of the four firefighters who beat back the fire, even took to the comments to write: "Hi Paul Sekfy, you have made my day. ‘I’m happy to know that my note got to you in one piece, knowing that the house survived once we had to leave."

He added: "Our crew of four did the best we could with what we had but unfortunately, your two sheds didn’t last a second. ‘We took refuge in your house for a moment and that’s when we discovered the fridge."

BBC News reports that 85 fires are currently burning across the state of New South Wales, 46 of which have not yet been contained.