Five-year-old child dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world' after her pictures go viral

Five-year-old child dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world' after her pictures go viral

For most people, beauty is something that we cultivate, something aspirational that we struggle to attain in our day-to-day lives. We spend hours in the gym burning fat and gaining muscle, we splash out on haircuts, and spend ages in front of the mirror getting everything just right, making sure our outfit compliments our best features and disguises our worst. It's bloody hard work is what I'm saying.

Then there are the people who just are beautiful. It's no effort for them at all, it just happens naturally. They could wear nothing but a burlap sack and flip-flops and they'd still look better than an average person in designer gear. Not only that, but the chances are good that they've always been that perfect. It's taken me years to grow into myself, and even then I'm just average. Yet there are people who, from the moment they spring out of the womb, look positively photogenic. What's more is that they stay that way throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. It's uncanny.

Is there such a thing as a modern-day Helen of Troy? A person who is the most beautiful in the entire world? Well, if social media is to believed, the answer is yes. Not only that, but that person has a name, and incredibly, she's only five-years-old. A picture of a little Nigerian girl has exploded on Instagram and Twitter, with many commenters complimenting the child's  “beautiful,” “absolutely stunning,” and “doll-like” appearance.

The furore began when photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa uploaded a photograph of a young girl named Jare Ijalana to Instagram. The lifestyle-and-wedding photographer (who is based in Lagos) captioned the image: "CHILDREN ARE A GIFT FROM HEAVEN.  I’m pretty excited and elated about my new style of child portraiture ... I have had frivolous ideas of how I can make artsy portraits of kids And do away from the norm. The opportunity came and I had to take a bold step to express my ideas of how I want to take portraits of kids. I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless! [sic]"

Almost immediately, commenters were enchanted by Jare's face and regal demeanour, with some even questioning if the image had been photoshopped or if the girl was real.

One enthusiastic commenter wrote: "She is a gorgeous little girl and these are beautiful pictures taken by a professional photographer. There's great lighting, a fantastic camera, film and processing. It's just like professional studios do all the time. She's a beautiful child. He met her and her family and he recognises her inner strength and sees that in her eyes in his photograph."

So what do you guys think? Do you reckon that Jare is the most beautiful girl in the world? I'm not sure, but I can tell already that she's has a bright future as a model ahead of her.