Girl thrown to the floor by the police for not wearing a hijab

Girl thrown to the floor by the police for not wearing a hijab

The shocking moment a teenager was thrown to the ground in Iran because she wasn't wearing a hijab has been caught on camera.

The girl was walking unveiled through Shahr-e-Rey, near the south of Tehran, when she was stopped by a male officer. She kept on walking as the officer arranged for a female officer to arrest her.

As shown in the video, uploaded by journalist Masih Alinejad, he then dragged her to the ground before punching someone who tried to help her.

This the moment a girl is thrown to the floor by a police officer for not wearing a hijab in Iran:

In the horrifying clip, the girl, whose name has not been released, can be seen trying and failing to resist the manhandling of the officer, who appears considerably taller than her.

The officer throws her to the ground face-first while several onlookers can be seen trying to help the girl.

Islamic law is strictly enforced in Iran, where the hijab has become compulsory since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Women are required by Shariah law to wear loose-fitting garments and a hijab while in public.

This is the moment a soccer player's hijab slips off during a game, prompting her opponents to huddle around her while she re-adjusts it:

In recent years, however, an increasing number of women have started defying their nation's restrictive dress code - but not without facing fierce backlash and brutality.

Earlier this year, in February, an Iranian woman had tear gas sprayed in her face after leaving the house without her hijab.

In June, a woman was attacked for dancing and not wearing a headscarf.

And in September, girl tragically lost her life when she set herself on fire after being refused entry into a football stadium and faced charges of "appearing in public without a hijab". She has since known as the 'blue girl' after the colour of her team, Esteqlal of Tehran.