Heartwarming footage shows doctor who promised to dance every time patient feels better making kid's day

Heartwarming footage shows doctor who promised to dance every time patient feels better making kid's day

Despite the years of training and high intelligence needed to become a doctor, it's shocking how many professionals out there have a terrible bedside manner. However, there are still plenty of medical staff out there that are willing to go the extra mile to keep their patients' spirits up.

Five-year-old Gerrit has MOPD type one, a rare gene defect that leaves him both developmentally delayed and susceptibe to infection. Normally, children with this condition (only ten children in the world, according to Gerrit's family) usually pass away within the first two years of their life, but Garrit has made it all the way to his fifth birthday.

Recently, at the age of four, he was hospitalised in Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany for four weeks. Eventually, his health started to improve, which was cause for some celebration. In fact, his doctor made a point of celebrating himself, by putting on a little show for the bedridden toddler.

In the below video, you can see the doctor bust some serious moves to entertain Gerrit, making sure to keep things fun and silly. Not only that - but he keeps the dance going for the entire duration of the song:

Posting the video to Facebook, Gerrit's family wrote:

"There are moments in life, when a lot of ballast falls from the shoulders. There are also moments when it should be fun and cause laughter. Last night was such a moment.

"One of the many great stations doctors intensive care unit K12 in the HSK Wiesbaden said a few days ago, if the little guy is fine, then he dances."

"These almost four minutes brought so much joy and you could feel the tension of the last four weeks," they added, before thanking all the staff of the hospital for "fighting the last four weeks for Gerrit and never giving up on him". "We cried a lot and laughed a lot and you always had an open ear for us," they said.

Not long after the video hit the internet, Gerrit was reportedly told he could leave hospital. It just goes to show how much some extra care can do to help someone recover!