Incredible footage shows surfer setting the record for biggest wave ever surfed

Incredible footage shows surfer setting the record for biggest wave ever surfed

While there are plenty of amazing sportsmen and women out there, breaking records and excelling in their chosen profession - they rarely look quite as cool as a surfer does at the top of their game. The idea of successfully surfing any wave, even a tiny one, is impressive to me, so the idea of someone nailing the world's biggest wave is simply phenomenal.

Born in Jundiaí, Brazil, Rodrigo Koxa began his surfing career in 1988, surfing on the beaches of Guarujá at just nine years old. It's unlikely that he knew back then the records he would break as an adult, let alone knew that thirty years later he would be honoured with the most prestigious award in the extreme sport.

In 2010, Koxa got his first big record in Chile, where he surfed the largest wave ever seen in South America. The waves were estimated to be higher than 60 feet. Then, in April this year, he won the coveted prize of the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave at the imaginatively-named Big Wave Awards.

And that was before he even took on this eighty-foot monster. You can see the stunning feat in the video below:

It took until April for the World Surf League, based in Santa Monica, California, to make it official, but the event itself occurred back in November last year. Koxa rode the 24.4-metre wave at Nazaré in Portugal, and thankfully the event was caught on film.

Since  the resurfaced clip was posted it to Twitter recently, it has received over 50,000 retweets and 134,000 likes. Who knows - maybe we'll be hearing Koxa has beaten his own record someday soon.