Insta-famous model busted over 'drug trafficking ring'

Insta-famous model busted over 'drug trafficking ring'

Since Instagram became prominent in society, a new breed of celebrity has come to dominate our screens and devices: influencers. For those of you who are not up to date on your social media terminology, an influencer is essentially someone who is usually attractive, that companies use to promote their brands - whether it be bum building drinks, the latest make-up kits, or simply the freshest sneakers.

For the majority of us peasants, the influencer lifestyle is the dream. A prominent amount of their photos are set against incredible backdrops, with their lifestyles seeming to be one of expansive grey-scale kitchens and crystal clear infinity pools.

From the outside looking in, it can seem like the ideal life. But, when you stop and think about it - it becomes hard to imagine how these people are earning enough money to live such a lavish lifestyle. Yes, the companies pay them and, yes, they pay them well. But, the actual truth behind their lavish lifestyle is simple might be somewhat different.

Okay, so while every influencer may not be a drug dealer, it turns out that one prominent one has been charged with exactly that.

Mary Molloy, 25, is a very popular fitness model on Instagram. Known for her photos in skimpy bikinis and her videos showing her gruelling workouts, Mary became one of the leading lights in the "strong, not skinny" movement, with her amassing 70,000 followers on the app.

One quick glance and Mary's profile and she looked like she was living the life. Sultry beach shots, swimming pools and beautifully designed interiors all featured across the board. But, it turns out that this may have all been paid for with dirty money.

Police in Australia allege that Mary Molloy, 25, and her former partner Jason Atkins, 32, were part of a huge drug trafficking ring in Queensland, Australia.

Both of them have been charged with a variety of different offences, such as drug trafficking, supply and possession of MDMA and possession of items used in the commission of a crime.

Molloy, who was a WBFF Fitness Pro, was also charged with trafficking cocaine.

It's believed that their arrests are linked to two other arrests that were made in November after drugs were seized. Detectives claim that 24,000 MDMA pills were discovered at a property in Albion and that they had a street value of around $775,000.

Two other people, Lucy Molloy and Russell Johnston, were also arrested at the time, with the pair also being accused of being involved in the drug syndicate.

Molloy and Atkins appeared in court on Wednesday and were granted bail at Brisbane Magistrates court. The jury was told that Molloy and Atkins split up three weeks ago, but were in a relationship while the crimes were committed. They are next expected to appear in court on April 30.

So, while you may think that your influencers are simply innocent, inspirational people - it turns out that they may be the next Pablo Escobar. Who would have thought it?