Instagram model, 20, dies after being found on billionaire's superyacht

Instagram model, 20, dies after being found on billionaire's superyacht

Sinead McNamara, an Australian Instagram model, has passed away while on a trip to Greece. The 20-year-old social media star was discovered unconscious and "twisted in rope" at the rear of a yacht last Thursday, according to The Australian. She was reportedly still alive at the time she was found, but unfortunately died while she was being airlifted to hospital.

The yacht, which is owned by Mexican mining magnate Alberto Bailleres, has been ordered to remain in the port while investigations are underway, as McNamara's death is being treated as "unclear". Bailleres and his family were not aboard the boat at the time of the incident, but some crew members were present.

The model's Instagram account, which has almost 24,000 followers, has since become flooded with kind messages from friends and fans.

"Everyone should take a page from Sinead's book - where she was meant to have a holiday in Bali that turned into a year and a half trip sailing across the world," wrote one friend.

"So glad you lived life to the full and always kept happy. So sad for every single person you have left behind friends family and followers around the world. Rest peaceful and stay happy," said a follower.

Alex Hayes, a YouTuber and friend of McNamara's, also posted a message to his 650,000 followers. "Life is so precious," he wrote. "Gone way too soon. Such a beautiful human being. Will cherish all our memories."

One of her last posts on the picture-sharing platform was captioned, "Living & working on a boat seeing all that the world has to offer. Yep I think I have it pretty good."

It was clear that she had a real passion for travelling and was incredibly grateful to have been living her dream, so her family were very confused and shocked to learn that she had died so suddenly. One of her cousins reported that they had no idea about her cause of death just yet, but believed it may have been a tragic boating accident.

Nonetheless, commenters on social media are already speculating that McNamara's untimely death was self-inflicted, and have been posting their condolences in reference to this. Without any proof either way, though, nobody can be sure exactly how the 20-year-old became fatally tangled in the ship's ropes, nor whether there was any foul play involved.

At the time of her death, McNamara's mother and sister were already on their way to visit her in Greece.

Our thoughts go out to her friends, family, and loved ones, and we hope they will soon get some answers about what happened last week.