Jude Law shocks fans by admitting he didn't film any scenes with Johnny Depp for new 'Fantastic Beasts'

Jude Law shocks fans by admitting he didn't film any scenes with Johnny Depp for new 'Fantastic Beasts'

It's only a few more months until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is released and fans are hungry, to say the least. It's almost two years since the first film was released and we all need so many questions answered ASAP. Namely, how does Gellert Grindelwald escape MACUSA? What did Grindelwald's last words to Newt Scamander mean? What role will Newt and his Beasts play in the war against one of the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizards of all time? The mysteries are endless and November 16 cannot come fast enough.

During our desperate wait, however, there has been a bevvy of sly clues thrown our way by the cast of the movie, the most recent of which revealed something that has shocked fans. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jude Law - who, much to many fans pleasure, has taken on the role of young Albus Dumbledore - recently let slip that he didn't spend any time on camera with Johnny Depp, who playsGrindelwald. "I don't actually have any scenes with Johnny", he told the American magazine.

So what does this mean for the storyline? The British actor's comment may give us an important insight into exactly how the plot develops, with followers of the series inferring that Grindelwald's relationship with Dumbledore won't be the main focus of this movie.

Jude elaborated by stating: "As I said before, this is only part two of a longer story. I've always admired him from afar, but we don't know each other, and I've not yet met him on this. In many ways that suits the relationship as it's been many years since they've seen each other. So there's complexity in that that's fun to mine. Again, the past will reveal itself."

Interesting, very interesting. In addition, while speaking to Entertainment Weekly, The Holiday star was questioned about Dumbledore's sexuality. After the Harry Potter series was released, it was revealed by J.K. Rowling that she had always thought of the Hogwarts headmaster as being homosexual and fans have been wondering whether this will play a part in any storyline in the new film.

In response, Jude has claimed that the wizard's sexuality will not be seen "explicity" onscreen, but we should remember that The Crimes of Grindelwald is just one part of an ongoing series. "Jo Rowling revealed some years back that Dumbledore was gay," he said. "That was a question I actually asked Jo and she said, yes, he’s gay. But as with humans, your sexuality doesn’t necessarily define you; he’s multifaceted."

He continued: "I suppose the question is: How is Dumbledore’s sexuality depicted in this film? What you got to remember this is only the second Fantastic Beasts film in a series and what’s brilliant about Jo’s writing is how she reveals her characters, peels them to the heart over time. You’re just getting to know Albus in this film, and there’s obviously a lot more to come. We learn a little about his past in the beginning of this film, and characters and their relationships will unfold naturally which I’m excited to reveal. But we’re not going to reveal everything all at once."

We're with Jude: we can't wait to see how the story in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald unfolds. If November 16 could just come now, that would be great.