Lion Air victim's grieving fiancee honours promise by taking wedding photos without him

Lion Air victim's grieving fiancee honours promise by taking wedding photos without him

This year, Indonesia was struck by a number of calamities. In addition to a number of earthquakes which battered many of the small islands up and down the country, 2018 was also saw one of the worst aviation disasters in the country's history. On October 29, Lion Air flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea a mere 13 minutes after takeoff. The incident killed all 189 passengers and crew, and investigators are still busy sifting through the wreckage, trying to discern how and why this catastrophe occurred.

Tragically, 26-year-old Intan Indah Syari was due to marry her fiancé Rio Nanda Pratama two weeks after the terrible crash. Unfortunately, Rio was on flight 610 on that fateful day. A medical doctor, Rio had flown to Jakarta for training for three days, and was on his way home when the flight he was on dropped out of the sky. Young Intan was devastated by the death of her lover. However, before setting off on his trip, Rio had allegedly told her: "If I don't return before November 11, still wear the dress I chose. Make yourself beautiful and ask for a fresh white rose. Then take a lovely photo and send it to me."

So with those words in mind, Intan took to Instagram to share a picture of herself wearing her wedding dress at a rehearsal, and true to form she looked beautiful. The sad images of her were a poignant reminder of how many people had been affected by the incident, as well as the victims themselves, and Intan's snaps quickly went viral on social media.

She captioned one photograph: "For you my lover Rio Nanda Pratama, thank you for giving me a sister who is so great, strong, smart, merciful and kind, just like you. Even though you were not next to me yesterday your loyal sister accompanied me to carry out your last most beautiful request. I know you are happy there in eternity that surely everyone desires. Know that our love for you will not diminish at all, we love you forever."

In another, she wrote: "Although I am filled with sadness that I can't describe, I have to smile for you. I can't be sad. I have to stay strong as you always said to me. I love U Rio Nanda Pratama dear."

The couple first met at the tender age of 13. They had been friends for many years throughout adolescence, but when they matured into adults, their feelings for one another became tender and they soon agreed to marry as soon as they could. Although they never had the chance to tie the knot, Intan's pictures show that she would have made a beautiful bride if she'd only had the opportunity.

Of the 189 people on the plane, 178 had been passengers. Of these, one was only a child, while another two were infants. Suffice to say, the incident, and those who lost their lives, shall never be forgotten.