Maldives police admit arresting woman for wearing bikini on beach was 'badly handled'

Maldives police admit arresting woman for wearing bikini on beach was 'badly handled'

Law enforcement in the Maldives have issued an apology to a woman they arrested earlier this week for wearing a bikini on the beach, conceding that the situation was "badly handled".

The woman, who has remained unidentified, can be heard speaking in a British accent in the clip that has been making the rounds on social media this week. Per inews, the woman was purportedly detained by police on a beach on the island of Maafushi, Kaafu Atoll, on the 6th of February.

The individual in question can be heard repeatedly shouting, "You are sexually assaulting me", while officers attempt to handcuff her. Another man can be seen trying to cover her up with a towel as she is escorted away from the area.

Watch the incident unfold below: 

Maldives police have since claimed they received a complaint from a member of the public that stated that a woman was "inappropriately clad" and "inebriated" while walking on the island's main road just after 5pm on Thursday.

According to a police statement, she was then approached by three officers, but allegedly "refused to comply" with local regulations and "showed resistance".

The woman was ultimately arrested and transported to the local police station before being released without charge at around 7:10pm.

Watch as a neighbor calls the police on a screaming parrot:

"Tourists on local islands are requested to respect the community's cultural sensitivities and local regulations by restricting the wearing of swimwear to certain areas of the island where local communities live," local law enforcement wrote in the statement, which was posted to their Twitter account.

"Maldives Police Services sincerely apologises to the tourist and the public for the regretful manner in which this incident took place.

“[The] incident in Maafushi in which our officers restrained a female tourist seems to be badly handled. I apologise to the tourist & the public for this. The challenge I have taken up is to professionalise the police service & we are working on that. This matter is being investigated.

Although Maafushi is a popular tourist location, wearing two-piece bathing suits are "strictly prohibited" on local islands. They are, however, permitted on holiday resorts.