Man in ‘drunken rage’ who suspected his wife of cheating kills eight people

Man in ‘drunken rage’ who suspected his wife of cheating kills eight people

A man in China has been arrested after killing and injuring several people in his neighbourhood on Wednesday. Police in Baiyin, a city in Gansu province, said that the man suspected his wife had been cheating on him, and is now accused of killing eight people with a knife in the aftermath.

The police statement claims that 49-year-old man, identified only by the surname Guo, attacked his neighbours with a knife before dawn on Tuesday, leaving seven injured in addition to the eight dead. The local public security bureau said that the attacker had been drinking that evening and suspected an affair was taking place.

“According to Guo’s initial confession, he suspected his wife of engaging in illicit sexual relations,” the police report reads. “Hatred festered in his heart and he deliberately sought revenge.”

He was arrested, but no further details were given of the identities of those killed, nor of the safety and condition of his partner. Police are still investigating.

This comes just a month after a man from Gansu province was executed for horrific crimes, including the rape and murder of 11 women and young girls; his youngest victim being eight years old.

The 54-year-old perpetrator, Gao Chenyong, was referred to by the media as 'China's Jack the Ripper' following his arrest in 2016. These murders were carried out between 1988 and 2002, and over the course of these 14 years active he killed and mutilated nine women in Baiyin, and two in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

Police linked the eleven murders for the first time in 2004, two years after the reported killings had stopped. He evaded authorities until a relative was arrested for an unrelated crime, and the routine DNA test established a close familial relationship between this family member and the killer.

Gao was arrested at the grocery store where he managed alongside his wife in August 2016, and confessed to the eleven murders, and was executed for his crimes on January 3 2019.