Man smashes into two police cars while smuggling $200 million worth of meth

Man smashes into two police cars while smuggling $200 million worth of meth

Some drug mules go to elaborate lengths to escape authorities, from hiding cocaine under a wig at the airport to smuggling drugs inside shipping containers. Now, one Australian man has caused severe damage after smashing into a police car while trying to escape with his meth.

Earlier this week, a drug carrier hid more than $200 million worth of meth in his van. Desperate to escape with the loot, he stepped on the gas, only to meet an unlikely fate as he crashed into a police car outside the station in Sydney, Australia.

Watch the violent car crash below:

The 26-year-old driver hit one parked police car with such force that it smashed into another. But the recorded crash gave him away as police proceeded to pick up the suspect in northern suburb, Eastwood, an hour later.

When authorities raided his van, they found 273 kilograms of meth. Though no one was hurt in the crash, one of the police cars was severely damaged.

Credit: NSW Police

In a New South Wales Police Facebook post, the caption reads: "During the search, police located moving boxes, which contained multiple bags of a crystalline substance, with presumptive testing returning a positive indicator for methylamphetamine."

Authorities confiscated the van for forensic examination.

Watch this woman fall through the ceiling in an attempt to evade the police:

The caption also reads: "detectives are appealing for motorists to provide dash cam footage from the area between 10.30am and 11.30am, as well as any CCTV or other vision, or information about the van’s movements throughout the morning."

Meth is becoming increasingly common and dangerous in Australia. The price for the drug on the continent is one of the highest in the world, creating a huge market for meth among gangs. This only perpetuates violence and drug use.

The driver was duly arrested. He faces court on Tuesday for drug supply and negligent driving offences.