Parents dump daughter, 2, at orphanage after accident left her badly burned

Parents dump daughter, 2, at orphanage after accident left her badly burned

A girl left badly scarred with serious facial burns, was apparently dumped at an orphanage and left her there by her parents when she was just two-years-old.

Little Elvina Kolevi, who is now six, was horrendously maimed by an open flame in 2015, after getting into an accident in her home in Papa New Guinea. The child's injuries were so severe that she was left unable to eat solid food.

You can see more on Elvina's story in the video below: 

According to a news report by KTRK Texas, Elvina was left at an orphanage by her parents, who found themselves unable to cope with the extra burden placed on them by their daughter's physical impairments.

However, everything changed for Elvina when she met Christian missionary Cletus Dillman of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, who was in the country preaching and caring for the sick and infirm.

Dillman made it his mission to get the girl the vital treatment she clearly needed, and raised money via GoFundMe to pay for her visa and ticket to the United States for medical care; eventually raising more than $7,000.

Upon arriving into Houston in August of 2019, Elvina was cared for over the next six months by Hashmat Effendi - a Muslim woman who runs a non-profit healing home House of Charity - as well as fellow volunteer Gabriela Nomura and her family.

Since that time, Elvina has undergone two surgeries and intense rehabilitation at Texas Children's Hospital, and even celebrated her birthday for the very first time when she turned six.

Commenting on Elvina's story in an interview with KTRK, Effendi stated: "She was an abandoned child. She lived in an orphanage. We are the answer to her prayers. She's never had a birthday party. She doesn't even know what birthday parties are."

Meanwhile, plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Reece spoke about the youngster's injuries and treatment, saying: "Elvina is an angel. She is remarkably resilient. After sustaining a fire injury to her neck, she was so scarred down that she couldn't move her neck up at all. Now she can completely extend her neck, which is fantastic. We were able to reconstruct some of her lip as well."

Per KTRK, Elvina's visa has now expired, forcing her to return to her home country to renew it. She's currently attending a local school on a scholarship but will return to America for more surgeries in the future.