Security on alert as ISIS threatens to attack at the World Cup

Security on alert as ISIS threatens to attack at the World Cup

Whether you're into soccer or not, you will no doubt be aware that the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Russia yesterday. The tournament, which is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, is seen as a celebration of sport, with it having the ability to unite the world through a game.

However, for all the celebration and joyous sentimentality that comes with a World Cup, some people are still determined to destroy the unity that it promotes.

An ISIS propaganda video has been released in which the terrorist organisation claim that they will attack the tournament in Russia with drone bombs. In the video released by the militant Islamic fundamentalists, explosions can be seen going off in football stadiums. Over the top of the video is a voice note that claims:

"We're watching you. We have drones, we're scouting out locations and we'll attack."

While the majority of media publications have refused to publish the disturbing video, the claims still come as a worry to security officials at the tournament and the fans who are attending the matches.

The video has been doing the rounds on social media and has also been observed by terrorism watchdog groups in private chats with militants.

Raphael Gluck of terrorism monitoring group JihadoScope told Daily Mail Australia: "Obviously this is wishful thinking [on ISIS' behalf] and make believe but governments are saying it's only a matter of time until drones are used in some shape or form to carry out terror attacks in the West."

ISIS has previously used drones to attack locations in Syria and Iraq and earlier this week, Stephen Prior, a British scientist and expert on drones told Cheltenham Science Festival:

"ISIS has been one of the first terrorist groups to go and buy a very cheap drone, convert it and use it to very devastating effect in Iraq and Syria.

"Terrorists can go on a course to learn about it and nine months later they can build their own one and fly it around the world.

"I am surprised, frankly, that more drones have not been used to do bad things already. I think it is only a matter of time before somebody tries something."

There are expected to be millions of fans travelling to Russia for the games over the next month, meaning that Russian security will be on high alert regarding the risk of a potential terrorist attack.

Yesterday, ISIS also released a set of posters in which they called for lone-wolf attackers to target stadiums in Russia. Some of the posters also featured explosions at prominent World Cup 2018 match venues. Another read: "I swear that the Mujahideen's fire will burn you. Just you wait..."

According to reports, Russian military forces have deployed high-tech drone defence equipment to all host cities, as well as having soldiers on the ground.

Hopefully, nothing will come of the threats and fans can just enjoy the football in peace - which is how it's meant to be.