Sleazy Uber driver leaves passenger 'terrified' as he offers her free rides in exchange for sexual favours

Sleazy Uber driver leaves passenger 'terrified' as he offers her free rides in exchange for sexual favours

A recording has emerged of an Uber driver who works in Queensland in Australia asking a young woman to trade sexual favours in exchange for free rides.

Adrienne Horrigan covertly recorded the proposition on her phone when she was taking an Uber ride one evening in December of 2018, after she left a friend's house.

The driver, Sandeep Singh, was the same man who had dropped her off at her friend's home earlier that night, but later his intentions towards her became far more insidious.

Check out this interview with the victim below:

In the recording, Singh can be heard saying: "We can be like, friends with benefits, you know. I can like to drop you off and pick you up anytime whenever you want ... You know, like, there's nothing wrong with it."

He insisted that she engage in sexual intercourse with him several more times before dropping her off and driving away.

In a later interview with Australian news show A Current Affair, Horrigan stated: "'I was really scared, I wasn't certain what he was capable of. I started thinking, should I get out of this car sooner rather than later? Should I call the police?' I was starting to think wasn't being heard, that my original ''no'' like, how else can I say no? [sic]"

Mr Singh has since been removed as a driver for the app-based cab service, although Uber neglected to inform Horrigan that he had been formally dismissed.

Commenting on the situation, a spokesperson for the rideshare company stated: "'[Uber] will be reviewing whether this partner will continue to have access to the app. We will do our best to not pair you with this driver in the future."

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