Teen known as 'Anti-Greta' wants to promote 'climate realism'

Teen known as 'Anti-Greta' wants to promote 'climate realism'

There's no doubt that, in a very short space of time, environmental activist Greta Thunberg has become one of the most influential teenagers on Earth. She's been named TIME's Person of the Year for 2019, nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, and her tireless campaigning against climate change shows no sign of halting.

But now it seems as though Greta has a nemesis to contend with, a self-described ''Anti-Greta.'' A conservative German teenager is now railing against Thunberg on social media, claiming that she's promoting a scaremongering vision of an apocalyptic future.

Watch Greta Thungberg's speech made to world leaders in the video below: 

Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old vlogger and climate change skeptic, has just released a series of YouTube videos all about Greta Thunberg's perceived ''alarmism'', and is set to take to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week.

Marketing herself as a clear and obvious counterpart to Thunberg, Seibt's latest video has been sponsored by The Heartland Institute, a national organization supporting fracking, which rejects the scientific consensus on global warming.

In her most recent video, Seibt states: 

"I've got very good news for you. The world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s, tweeting about the current President on Twitter and ranting about the latest celebrity gossip."

"However, we are currently being force-fed a very dystopian agenda of climate alarmism that tells us that we, as humans, are destroying the planet and that the young people especially have no future. That the animals are dying, that we are ruining nature."

"I truly believe that many members of Antifa, Fridays for Future groups, Rebellion Extinction, I really believe that many of them have good intentions but that they are genuinely scared of the word 'ending' and are scared that their parents and grandparents are ruining the planet."

She continues: "I believe it is important that we act now and change this entire mainstream narrative of fear-mongering and climate alarmism because it's basically just holding us hostage in our own brains."

She adds: "With all of that said, don't let an agenda that is trying to depict you as an energy-sucking leech on the planet get into your brain and take away all of your passionate spirits. I don't want you to panic, I want you to think."