The Philippines currently has 10 million excess mangoes

The Philippines currently has 10 million excess mangoes

The people of the Philippines are struggling to make use of more than 10 million fresh mangoes after a bumper harvest this year.

Agriculture secretary Emmanuel Piñol claims that Philippino mango farmers had reported an “unusual increase” in mango crops for 2019. They attributed this gigantic surplus to a phenomenon known colloquially as "El Niño" - a term for an unusually hot, dry weather which leads to an excess of fruit.

For example, the island of Luzon currently has a surplus of about two million kilograms of mangoes. As a result of this oversupply, the price of the fruit has plunged from 58 pesos to a mere 25 pesos per kilogram.

Piñol claims that farmers and Philipinos must deal with the mango glut before the fruit is wasted and makes the price of mangoes crashing further, stating: "We need to do something about this in the next two weeks."

An image of some mangoes. Credit: Getty

The department of agriculture has now launched a marketing campaign, "Metro Mango", which will see stalls selling mangoes to be put up all around the capital throughout the month of June, sold at prices as low as 25 pesos a kilogram, to encourage buyers to purchase them in bulk.

They are also planning on holding a mango festival in mid-June. Certain farmers in Luzon have taken to giving mangoes away for free.

Luckily, foreign export of the fruit could help to ease the economic burden. For instance, a Japanese fruit importer intends to purchase 100,000 kg of the mangoes, though this still leaves 1.9m kg to shift.