You can have dinner and cocktails at Hogwarts this Halloween

You can have dinner and cocktails at Hogwarts this Halloween

For foodie fans of Harry Potter, there was only one room at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that really mattered. Sure, the Gryffindor common room had its charms, and the Room of Requirement was pretty pivotal to the plot, but when it came to made up magic food, it was all about the Great Hall. Lavish descriptions of first night feasts, lashings of pumpkin juice and enough dinner to sink a Hungarian Horntail left hungry Potter heads everywhere with rumbling tummies and dreams of chocolate frogs.

Sadly, fantasies about slicing off hunks of house elf-cooked roast beef are just that - a fantasy. Even if you’re the world’s most enthusiastic cosplayer, actually sitting down for a meal at Hogwarts has remained firmly beyond the realms of possibility.  That is, until Warner Bros. Studio announced that they were throwing open the doors of the world’s most famous wizard school and putting on a spread. 

As part of the company’s Hogwarts After Dark series of events, guests at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford will be able to sit down for a specially prepared two course meal, complete with cocktails, canapes and Death Eaters. Guests will also be able to sample the wizarding world’s legendary Butterbeer as they enjoy an access all areas tour of the facility and get an inside look at the making of Harry Potter. 

According to a report in The Sun, guests will dine under 100 floating pumpkins, before “seeing famous Harry Potter movie sets such as the Forbidden Forest, the Gryffindor common room and Diagon Alley.” The tour continues, including an opportunity to duel with Death Eaters, courtesy of Wand Choreographer Paul Harris. The experience concludes with dessert in the Forbidden Forest, accompanied by Buckbeak the hippogriff and Aragog the acromantula. 

Understandably, availability for an experience as immersive as this is strictly limited. The events will only run on the evenings of 25th, 26th and 26th of October, and there are only 260 tickets per event. At £240, the experience certainly doesn’t come cheap. However, for a proper Potter fan, it’s difficult to imagine anything much more exciting.

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