You can now buy prosecco from Aldi for just £3.99 in time for Christmas

You can now buy prosecco from Aldi for just £3.99 in time for Christmas

Christmas and bubbly go together like mistletoe and wine. And while I'm sure we'd all love to be sipping on champers over the festive season, chances are that if your finances are little more limited, you'll opt for its perfectly wonderful counterpart: prosecco.

In the UK, the cheapest bottles of prosecco typically retail for around £6 (in my experience - and trust me, it's extensive), but now one retailer truly has the backs of broke bubbly lovers everywhere and is selling prosecco for just £3.99 a bottle.

The retailer? Aldi. Obviously. In the spirit of goodwill to all, they're selling bottles of Castellore Prosecco Frizzante DOC for just £3.99.

Aldi's prosecco. Credit: Aldi

Containing 10.5% alcohol by volume, the 75cl bottle typically retails at £4.99 (which is still a steal, albeit not quite as good as this one).

Its product description on the Aldi site reads: "This semi-sparkling wine has the same soft and fruity peach, pear and lemon zest flavors that you'd expect from our Castellore Prosecco DOC - just in a gentler Frizzante style."

You can purchase the prosecco in stores throughout the UK. It is currently sold out online.

However, this is far from the only tantalizing bargain that Aldi is selling this festive season. The budget supermarket is also selling a monster pig in a blanket. Yes, you read that right. It really is a thing of beauty that must be seen to be believed.

A metre-long pig in blanket. Credit: Aldi

Weighing in at 750g, the monster pig in blanket is naturally curled up so that it can fit in your oven. If it was rolled out, it would be a ridiculous  6ft 5in long. Basically, taller than the vast majority of people in the UK, and it can be yours for just £4.99. Another total steal.

If that's not a single food Christmas dinner in and of itself, I don't know what is.