22 unreal designs fails so bad you'll struggle to get your head round them

22 unreal designs fails so bad you'll struggle to get your head round them

Despite the incredibly advanced technology and sleek design we have these days, there are some things that have slipped through the net when it comes to design standards. Whether it's badly designed interiors (why are public bathrooms always so horrid?) or signs that have received a misfortunate grammatical treatment, 2018 is still rife with design fails.

These 22 images come from around the internet, and I dare you not to cringe at every single one.

1. How did this design get approved?

2. Thanks for letting me know

3. Sounds like a quality establishment

4. They clearly have a lot of faith in the latest technological advancements...

5. C'mon guys... a cover about the danger of plastic, wrapped in plastic, and put in a plastic bag?

6. Umm...

7. Jessica, it might be time to call your parents...

8. Well this seems like the perfect place to put a switch

9. Uhh... isn't that a wasp?

10. Oh dear...

11. Well this is horrifying


13. This was not the best paint finish to go with

14. When you love pandas a little too much

15. Right, who approved this?

16. Yellow might not have been the right colour choice for the new pool shade-cloth...

17. But all I need is petrol

18. Nope

19. Surely a different breed would be more suited for a colouring book

20. Uh... I don't really know that

21. I will have nightmares forever

22. That's not Trump, that's Alec Baldwin dressed as Trump

From see-through toilet cubicles and fans whose switches might cause the loss of a finger, these images have been a reminder that it's a cruel and dangerous world out there. Stay sharp, folks, and look closely before you buy your kid a sweater with pandas all over it.