Aldi is now selling a giant metre-tall sloth toy

Aldi is now selling a giant metre-tall sloth toy

Aldi is now selling a giant metre-tall sloth toy for £12.99, just in time Christmas - with items like these, gift shopping for the holiday season should be a cinch!

The product will be available to buy in-store on Thursday 31st October, but you can preorder it on Aldi’s website, including an additional £2.95 for orders over £20.

This is a fascinating look at Aldi's employee training process:

Considering the toy is one of the budget supermarket's Special Buy products, if you do want to get your hands on one you need to hurry! Once they're sold out, there'll be no more of them left this year, meaning your sloth-loving friend will have to go without their very own giant cuddly sloth. Sad times.

The toy is also suitable for children aged three and over - so why not get the little ones in your life what will most definitely end up being their favourite childhood toy.

"Kids love soft toys, so treat them to the best around with this Giant Plush Toy Sloth. One metre tall, this cuddly toy will be their new favourite in no time!" the description for the product reads.

sloth Credit: Aldi

There is no denying sloths are the "it-animal" right now and have been for some time.

Lucy Cooke, the founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society and author of the book A Little Book of Sloth, says: "The sloth really is the most misunderstood animal out there, having been named after one of the seven deadly sins. The sloth seemed like it needed somebody to battle its cause."

And according to Time magazine, sloths are "physiologically built to hug, are smarter than you think, go to the sloth-bathroom only once a week, and only spend about six seconds at a time mating!"

If you'd like to buy the sloth toy in-store, there are 830 branches across the UK. Find the one nearest you by clicking here.