Aldi is selling a super soft heated throw to keep you warm this winter

Aldi is selling a super soft heated throw to keep you warm this winter

Just a month ago, I was still wearing shorts and t-shirts, the sun was shining, and the hot weather felt like it was going to go on forever. Now, it's freezing, it literally won't stop raining, and I can't even remember what summer felt like. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to winter.

The cold weather can often lead to people feeling miserable - both in and out of their own homes. But thankfully, everybody's favorite discount supermarket chain is here to help.

Take a look at Aldi's employee fascinating training video:

Aldi is selling a heated throw to help keep you keep warm as we draw ever closer to the winter months.

The super-soft item will be available to buy in-store and online from for £34.99 on October 24 in either brown or grey. It measures 120cm by 160cm (roughly 3ft 9" x 5ft 2") in size and comes with six adjustable warmth settings.

"Keep warm during the cold winter months with this Easy Home Heated Throw," The budget supermarket writes on its website. "In addition to safety features, like overheat protection and 3-hour, auto-off function, this soft throw blanket has 6 adjustable heat settings to provide the right comfort and warmth. Choose lower settings when using as a throw blanket, and higher settings for preheating your bed before settling in for the night."

heated throw Credit: Aldi

If you're interested in the product, you'll be pleased to know that past reviews have been predominantly positive:

"Last year I bought one of these heated throws," one reviewer wrote. "They are amazing so warm for the cold months ahead very low wattage so very cheap to run, they saved us a fortune on the electric last year without the heating on for so long , these are 160 watt so for a 2000 watt heater on for an hour you can have this on for approx 13 hours for the same money, they say easy clean as well, in shops and online from the 7th."

Another reviewer commented on the necessity of such an item for certain sections of society, such as the elderly.

"Also the elderly... with expensive home heating. These sort of things may help them also. Heat themselves while they're watching telly without needing have the heating on as much and saving precious money. Know when I'm stuck having Netflix days due to pain this sort of thing would be amazing! Sadly though because chronic illness. I can't afford to buy one at this time. When they have come out I've always been skint! One day!"

The heated throw will be available to buy on October 24.