Chernobyl missions voted the best in 'Call of Duty' history

Chernobyl missions voted the best in 'Call of Duty' history

When most people think of first-person shooter games, they think of Call of Duty. Activision's acclaimed franchise is getting a major reboot soon enough, but cast your mind back to 2007, and it's clear to see why the fourth game (Modern Warfare) had such a profound impact on the genre. It was a more realistic depiction of war than gamers had ever seen before, eschewing demons and zombies in favour of contemporary terrorists and Russian nationalists.

Not only that, but it was totally addictive. The level design was brilliant and memorable, and over the course of many games, we've been treated to some varied and memorable missions by the developers. But it seems as though one mission has been declared more iconic than all the rest.

Check out this awesome footage from CoD's Chernobyl level below: 

According to a recent poll consisting of over 6,000 votes, 63 per cent of gamers believe that 'All Ghillied Up', the level set in the ruins of Pripyat in Ukraine (near the exploded Chernobyl nuclear power plant) is the best in the whole franchise. Meanwhile, 14 per cent voted for 'Vendetta' from World at War, and 13 per cent voted for 'Vorkuta' from Black Ops.

Even Sony, the makers of the PlayStation consoles, seem to acknowledge 'All Ghillied Up' as a fan-favourite. They recently posted a poll of their own to Twitter, asking "Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare level? (PS: your March PS Plus games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered & The Witness, are now live, go go go)." However, humorously, the only options consisted of 'All Ghillied Up'

It's no surprise that this classic mission is seeing a resurgence in popularity; especially considering the fact that a new game is on the horizon. Not only that, but the Chernobyl disaster has been getting more and more attention, thanks to an incredible miniseries from HBO starring Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, and Emily Watson.