Someone modified a Roomba to shout profanities when it bumps into things

Someone modified a Roomba to shout profanities when it bumps into things

If you're anything like me, you probably hate the very thought of having to remove your butt from the couch in order to clean your home. Sure, it's great to have a clean and tidy house - but the effort it takes is often second to none.

Let's say you've been working all day, but when you come home, your significant other says: "Oh, my parents are coming round tomorrow for dinner!" Well, you better get your rubber gloves on, because the dishes need scrubbing, the shelves need dusting, and the floor needs vacuuming. It's enough to make anybody let out a cheeky profanity here and there.

However, have you ever considered getting a Roomba? You know, those small and versatile robot vacuums that hoover your floors so you don't have to? They're made by the company iRobot (no, not that awful Will Smith movie), and cost a few hundred bucks, with some high-end models selling for near $1,000! But for some people, that's a small price to pay to avoid doing the housework.

But just because the Roomba has been programmed to clean, it doesn't necessarily mean it enjoys it. And thanks to programmer and YouTube star Michael Reeves, he's now created a more "human" Roomba that says exactly what the rest of these robot cleaners are thinking.

By the request of his YouTube channel viewers, this technological genius created a screaming Roomba that would swear and curse whenever it bumped into things. Seriously, I've never felt more emotionally connected to a robot.

This was the end result:

But as you can probably imagine, creating such a hilarious and complicated piece of tech was no mean feat. As you can see from the image below, Reeves had to do A LOT of rewiring in order to get the rude robot to function as intended:

Michael Reeves' complicated rewiring of a Roomba robot. Credit: Michael Reeves / Screenshot

Reeves tested a variety of screams, voices, and curse words before landing on what he considers to be the "final prototype".

Thankfully, the end result was a Roomba that would start "effing and jeffing" all sorts of profanities whenever it collided with walls or furniture. Seriously, it would make for one heck of a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

And Reeves' followers were just as impressed:

I think Reeves should seriously consider selling this product, because I'd buy like 20.

And if you want to check out the full video of Reeves' iconic creation, check out the video below: