These insane tattoos are the perfect inspiration for any true fast food lover

These insane tattoos are the perfect inspiration for any true fast food lover

Like many of you out there with joy in your life, I love a good bit of pasta every once in a while. Garlic bread and home-cooked meals are awesome too, but if you told me I could only have one type of cuisine for the rest of my life, I would definitely go for fast food (shut up, it counts). French fries, burgers, pizza; I probably wouldn't live for very long, but it would be a glorious couple of months. Super size me.

But here's the thing; no matter how much I love McDonald's or Pizza Hut, I'm clearly not a real fast food fan. No. That's because I have so far neglected to get my love of fast food tattooed on my body. I'm a wimp. But if you're a true lover of fast food, then maybe you should get a tattoo of fast food on your body somewhere.

Check out these for some inspiration.

1. I'm seriously tempted to eat this guy's arm

2. Sorry, Pusheen, you're going to have to share those fries

3. This McDonald's tattoo will haunt my dreams

4. Look at the little Chicken McNugget!

5. Guten Tag from Germany

6. This Happy Meal would make me very happy

7. This KFC tattoo is pretty Finger-lickin' Good

8. I'm Lovin' this psychedelic McDonald's tattoo

9. Taco 'bout a great tattoo!

10. This Taco Bell tattoo, however, is next level

11. This one isn't bad either

12. Continuing on with the Mexican theme, how'd you feel about a burrito tattoo?

13. Pizza is life

14. A hot dog tattoo? Now that's dedication

15. You should never be judged for this delicious fast food tattoo collage

16. A simple tattoo makes this model an amazing McDonald's mascot

17. Getting this tattoo must have been hours of agony, but I think it's worth it

18. One logo for each finger

19. This is a literal receipt from McDonald's - tattooed directly onto a guy's leg

Well, if you're looking for inspiration for a fast food tattoo, it's fair to say you've got it. Now, excuse me while I get all of these tattooed on my body at once. Just kidding. That would be agony.