You can now buy motorised pool floats so you can play bumper cars in the water

You can now buy motorised pool floats so you can play bumper cars in the water

If you're anything like me, spending time in the water is an essential part of your summer. Whether it's at the pool, the beach, or a waterpark - if there were no water-centric activities, did you even have a summer?

Well, one company is about to broaden your horizons when it comes to indulging in some water-based fun with their revolutionary motorised pool float, the GoBoat.

The GoBoat is perfect for use in a lake or the sea, but if you happen to have a pool it may also be suitable.

GoBoat Credit: GoBoat

Endlessly entertaining, they're basically "water bumper cars" that can be used for so much more - fishing, sightseeing and simply cruising.

It's simple to use and takes mere minutes to assemble. Plus, it isn't particularly bulky, making it easy to carry. In fact, the GoBoat weighs less than most carry-on luggage. You can take it anywhere, using any mode of transport.

"The GoBoat is your personal, portable watercraft," the description on the website reads. "It can be carried in a car, SUV or pickup and can be launched in minutes without the need for a trailer, boat landing or dock. It’s a boat that can be used by the entire family. It can be used for multiple water recreation activities, including: fishing, hunting, bumper boating, sightseeing."

GoBoat Credit: GoBoat

And the GoBoat has been garnering some particularly impressive reviews online.

"The GoBoat has been a lifesaver for me," one reviewer wrote. "I normally use a small kayak for my fishing, but I can’t do that anymore considering I no longer have a truck to put it in. But now, I just disassemble the GoBoat and put it in the trunk of my car!"

"[Tough], durable, and easy to fish from," wrote another. "Light enough to carry to the water. Stable and safe. Room for your trolling motor, battery and fishing tackle. Just love it."

If you want to get your hands on a GoBoat - they cost between $299.00 – $314.00.