You will soon be able to buy 'Halo' Nerf guns

You will soon be able to buy 'Halo' Nerf guns

It's been almost two decades since Halo: Combat Evolved was first released, and the spectacular first-person shooter franchise is still one of the biggest in gaming history.

It's quite hard to overstate just how groundbreaking it was back in 2001: with its focus on recharging health, range of vehicles, and limited inventory of two weapon slots: which forced players to keep mixing and matching their tactics and constantly adapt their playstyle.

Take a look at the trailer for Halo Infinite in the video below:

Not only that, but what makes the Halo series great is its fantastic art design. Every tank, jeep, alien spacecraft is visually striking, and Master Chief's arsenal, from the humble assault rifle all the way to the gravity hammer and needler, is iconic. This is probably why Hasbro has elected to finally release a brand-new range of Halo-themed Nerf guns in toy stores around the world.

Per Engadget, the new Nerf weaponry includes a $50 motorized version of the classic MA40 assault rifle, and then two smaller $10 pistols, based on the magnum and the needler respectively. However, bear in mind that the assault rifle isn't fully automatic and that you'll need four C batteries to make it fire.

The brand-new Halo Nerf guns are due to be released in stores and online on October 1, 2020 - to coincide holiday 2020 release of the latest game in the franchise Halo: Infinite, which is meant to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X.

Developers 343 Industries have been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to the subject of what fans can expect from the new game. We do know that it will star the Master Chief as the protagonist again, and the 2018 E3 trailer appeared to showcase a number of open-world environments with alien flora and fauna.