Here's how you can see who's unfriended you on Facebook

Here's how you can see who's unfriended you on Facebook

In this techno-centric age, everyone knows that a person's worth is only really decided by how many friends they have on Facebook. Gone are the days in which we assessed people on their happiness or kindness or success (though, let's be real, those days never really happened, did they?) and here to stay is an era in which your value is determined by how many likes you get on your most recent Insta selfie.

Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit - but it's certainly true that a lot of people out there place great importance on the number of friends or followers they have on social media.

With that in mind, then, it's a seriously big deal when you see that friend/follower count start dropping, and it's especially annoying when you can't figure out who exactly is responsible. Thankfully, there is a solution.

For those who are intent on weeding out the snakes that so heartlessly betrayed them by hitting "unfriend", there is now an app called Deleted that will show exactly who has unfollowed you.

The way it works is simple: when you install the app, it'll register your friend list and make note of everyone on it. Then, every subsequent time you return to the app, you'll get an update saying whether you've gained or lost friends and - if it's the latter - who exactly is missing from your list. It can also tell whether your missing mate has deleted/deactivated their account, or if they've finally cracked and gotten rid of you after you kept posting so much about your "bae".

But if Facebook isn't really your thing, and you're more concerned about your following on Twitter or Instagram, fear not, because there are ways of tracking drop-outs on those platforms, too.

For Twitter, you'll need to download the Who Unfollowed Me app which - true to its name - lets you know who ditched you. It'll also let you know which new followers you've gained, as well as showing you your mutuals (accounts you follow that also follow you back). Plus, if you want to sign up to the premium service, you'll get to see a list of your followers over time.

Instagram has a similar app called Unfollowgram. Like Who Unfollowed Me, the app shows how your follower count has changed. Unfortunately, it won't let you know whether it was the Instagram Live of you singing along to Beyonce or that 83rd picture in a row you posted of your cat that tipped them over the edge.

For the folks out there that use Tumblr, you can download the Stalker app to achieve all the above, and it'll also let you know which blogs have gone inactive.

So, if you find yourself obsessing over friends and followers, save yourself some stress by checking out some of these apps. Or, you know, just go outside for a bit and don't think about it. Whatever suits you.