Google Maps are making a massive change which means you'll never get lost again

Google Maps are making a massive change which means you'll never get lost again

If there's one thing that's made life infinitely easier for us all, it's Google Maps. Seriously, I don't know how people managed without it before it was invented, and yet the concept is so audacious that even now I can't quite believe it. How much do you really marvel at the fact that you have the most impressive innovation in the history of cartography right there in your pocket at all times? Probably not enough is the answer. Maybe it's just because I have the same sense of direction as a stunned earthworm, but I can tell you now that without Google Maps, I would probably have wandered off a cliff or into a woodchipper long before now.

But as impressive as it is, that doesn't mean that it's going to stay the same forever. Yes, the tech wizards of Silicon Valley are never content to let their software stagnate, no matter how cutting-edge it might seem to us laymen, which is why Google has been planning an update to Google Maps which will make it even more innovative. With this new feature, it might well now be impossible to ever get lost. You'll have all the skills of a homing pigeon from now on.

The feature is a big update for Android-users. Previously, Android-owners were sadly limited to the basic map view while driving: this mode is easy on the eyes and is good at outlining the various roads and paths you'd come across during your travels. But Android users were still pretty miffed that they couldn't see satellite view, and so Google has decided to bend over backwards to accommodate them.

So starting today, you can now switch to satellite view when using Google Maps through an Android Auto head unit. Be warned though: this will consume more data. But even still, it's good to have the option anyway. The now release was first noticed by Google+ user, Roberto Mezquia Jr who promptly posted pictures of the new functionality to social media. Roberto wrote: "I just checked and Google Maps on Android Auto now shows the option for Satellite view!"

2017 saw a number of big updates to the Google Maps app. In January 2017, Google added another Android-exclusive feature that indicated the level of difficulty in finding available parking spots, in some US cities, and on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, the app can also remember where users have parked previously. In August 2017, Google Maps for Android was updated again, with a new functionality help the user find parking lots and garages close to their destination, and in December 2017, Google added a new two-wheeler mode to its Android app, which allows for greater accessibility in traffic congestion. So if you're an Android user and you've been frustrated with the lack of satellite view so far, my advice to you is to hop in the car and go for a drive to test it out; no matter what you'll still find your way home.