Man invents robot Donald Trump head that spits out Ibuprofen every time the president tweets

Man invents robot Donald Trump head that spits out Ibuprofen every time the president tweets

Whether you love him or hate him, we're probably all in agreement that President Trump should lay off his Twitter game.

There are plenty of people out there who have a headache whenever they read one of the President's tweets. Taking a glance at Donald Trump's Twitter feed, and you'll find plenty of comments from people who seem to get a headache whenever 'The Don' goes on one of his exasperating tweeting tirades. If only there was an invention out there that could alleviate those who find his tweets aggravating...

Well, wish no more, because a writer-turned-inventor has the answer. Paul Spelman has created a robotic Donald Trump head that spits out an ibuprofen pill whenever the president tweets.

The robot was first shared to the web development subreddit r/webdev as well as in a YouTube video, in which Paul explained how the pill-spitting machine works. Featuring a latex mask of the president's face, and a simple motor to power the mechanism, the Trumpbot project has been dubbed 'Presidential Headache' by its inventor.

Check out this video of the spitting Trumpbot below:

Spelman wrote: "Took me a long time to get this all working together, but I'm happy with how it turned out. The Javascript code continuously checks @realDonaldTrump for new tweets."

He added: "As soon as a new tweet appears, the Arduino stepper motor turns 360 degrees, dispensing a pill which falls out of the mouth and into the bowl. The pill dispenser was made from an old protein powder tub, plastic sheets, a funnel, and a bunch of duct tape. The rubber mask is from Amazon."

In a recent interview with The Daily Dot regarding his creation, Spelman stated: "I’ve been learning how to code and I wanted to build a project to practice what I’d learned and pick up some new skills ... I wanted to build something fun that would hopefully give people a bit of a laugh, and also make a point about the current president’s unusual approach to running the country."

Donald Trump has been a prolific Twitter-user for some time. But this isn't the first time that someone has come up with an invention parodying his social media usage. Check out these hilarious flip-flops, which point out Donald Trump's backpedals. They were so popular that they sold out within a month.