This Japanese comedian turns his daughter's drawings into adorable meals

This Japanese comedian turns his daughter's drawings into adorable meals

Most young children are objectively terrible at art.

Don't get me wrong, it's not their fault - they're still figuring out how to hold paintbrushes so I'm not exactly expecting Picasso - but when my niece comes to me with her drawings and I tell her they're great, I do so out of love rather than down to any aesthetic appreciation of her chaotic scribbling.

As a parent, your job is to encourage your offspring by pinning their artistic abominations on your fridge, or by lightly encouraging them to do more (and therefore get some practice), but surely there's got to be a better way of lying to your little one's face? Step in Japanese comedian Takafumi Ozeki, who's a more loving father than I could ever be. Instead of lavishing his daughter with empty praise for her drawings, he brings them to life using food. How creative!

1. The face and the pineapple frog

2. I couldn't bear to eat this

3. Look at the widdle bunny rabbit!

4. A lady and her cat

5. Is... is that a rabbit being chased by a ball

6. Extra points for the lettering

7. Big bat, little bat

8. Rapunzel, let down your delicious hair

9. What a fearsome monster

10. The sea creature from below the depths

11. Cute little sea critters

12. Nice afro, dude

13. A penguin

14. Just some cats, hanging out

15. Daddy and daughter

Aww, isn't that sweet (and probably a little bit savoury)? We can't all show Ozeki's creativity in recreating our little ones' drawings in such a manner, but I think it just goes to show the love we have for our children can be expressed in many different ways.