Xbox Series X will support full backwards compatibility on day one

Xbox Series X will support full backwards compatibility on day one

Microsoft has announced that the new Xbox Series X games console will have full backward compatibility for all games on previous systems.

This means that the new hardware, which is set to launch towards the end of next year, will give gamers the opportunity to replay every single Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One game currently available on the current-gen Xbox on the Xbox Series X.

Check out the official trailer for the new console below: 

Commenting on the move in a recent interview with GameSpot, Xbox lead designer Phil Spencer stated: "We wanted to make sure we had that, day one, we could deliver on the compatibility promise, and so I've been playing quite a few [Xbox 360] games on my [Xbox Series X] and Xbox One games on the [Xbox Series X] and that's just to ensure that we can be there day one."

Meanwhile, Xbox Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald added: "We have thousands of games that run on Xbox One today. We want those games to be able to come forward with you but we also want your services to come with you."

He continued: "We want your gaming legacy to come with you, whether that's your Gamerscore, whether that's your friends list, all your Achievements, your game saves. All of that should come forward so there are no barriers for you as you think about moving forward."

"We did design the silicon with [backwards] compatibility in mind, so we did make certain decisions to try to lessen that work, but I don't want to trivialize how much work the team's actually doing because there is a tremendous amount of work."
Personally I can't wait to get this system when it comes out, and replay all the old games I used to own, like the original Halo for instance. Happy memories...