You can now buy a $60 strap for your "wireless" Airpods

You can now buy a $60 strap for your "wireless" Airpods

Social media users are mocking an expensive set of 'straps' being sold for wireless Apple AirPod headphones, claiming that the product is totally redundant.

Despite the fact that AirPods are supposed to do away with headphones getting tangled and wires getting knotted, a company has seemingly invented an absurdly-expensive new product that sets technology backward by providing customers with an attachable cord.

The straps are being sold by the US-based retailer Nordstrom and are made out of specially-braided leather, retailing for $60 per set. On Nordstrom's official store, the product's item description states: "Avoid losing your wireless AirPods by attaching them to this magnetic-locking leather strap and wearing around the neck when not in use."

Check out this commercial for Apple Airpods below:

However, social media users have been left somewhat underwhelmed by the product, and many people have shared images of the straps and voiced their incredulity over the idea.
For instance, one Twitter-user wrote: "Scared of losing your AirPods? Try this! A cord that holds your AirPods on a strap around your neck just like -- wait a minute... [sic]". Meanwhile, someone else chimed in: "Does anyone else see how redundant this is???? ? AirPods are all about being cord/strap free. AirPod owners, what do you think? [sic]"

Take a look at some of the most exasperated reactions to the AirPod straps on Twitter below:

Back in October, Apple unveiled its new product, the soon-to-be-released AirPods Pro. The tech giant promised buyers five hours of battery life in addition to water-resistant and noise-canceling features. They also boast a futuristic new feature called a 'force sensor', which can be used to control music playback, and something called 'Adaptive EQ', which automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear.