iPhone 11 to come in two new colours that we've never seen from Apple before

iPhone 11 to come in two new colours that we've never seen from Apple before

We've had a lot of different smartphones over the years, but the diversity of products on sale usually relate more to the specs of the individual phone rather than how they look. For the most part, iPhones look kind of the same, with similar colours and the changes mostly resulting from how thin they are or how large the screen is.

Usually, we're stuck with white, silver, or black. It's fine for most of us, but a little variety goes a long way - and would save us from having to fork out extra for a fancy, colourful phone case to go with it. But those who want a bit more flair with their tech might be in luck if recent iPhone rumours are to be believed...

According to a report from MacOtakara, a specialist tech site that claims to have a legitimate leak from the company, Apple will be launching two new colours for an upcoming iPhone later this year. They claim that the rumoured iPhone XR2 will be available in both green and lavender, with these colour extensions coming into play in September 2019.

Credit: MacOtakara

There have been some splashes of colour in the past, with the iPhone 5C coming with a few vibrant options, but this new addition may give us some more choice along the line. The 5C offered the green option before, but not quite the same level of bright green on show here - while the lavender option has never been in play.

And when you do get your new iPhone, make sure you don't bite into the battery like this fool:

The iPhone XR is currently available in white, blue, yellow, black, coral and red - but this could be changing too. According to the report, the lavender and green options will be replacing the coral and blue colours after they weren't particularly well-liked by users.

Hopefully, these new shades catch on - so we can be free to have even more options further down the line when other iPhones hit store shelves!